Drone photography, Filming and Shooting Company in Dubai
We offer Drone Filming in Dubai & Drone Filming in Dubai. Drones have transformed the process of filmmaking, making it possible for filmmakers to create close-range aerial footage earlier difficult with helicopters that are full-sized. Tony Belot is the first Aerial Filming Company in the Dubai Tony Belot owns over 15 drones across all classes that can satisfy Aerial Filming requirements for any film. Our Drones undergo a strict regular safety check. We offer Drone photography and video services for Dubai, Dubai and KSA.

Recent near collisions across the globe which involved drones that were fully-scaled aircraft is of paramount importance when you choose a Drone group that's both professional and accountable. Our team is knowledgeable about all aspects of getting permissions to allow Aerial Filming and Photography with drones. We're updated with the most current Aerial Filming Regulations from Dubai Film Commission, Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation Authority.

By implementing our stringent safety procedures and our rigorous safety training, we can ensure 100% security. Our team has been certified with our instructors at the British Aviation Authority Certified Aerial Academy. Tony Belot has relished the opportunity to work with well-known developer’s tourism and tourism-related projects, television films and dramas. To achieve creativity and excellence, our team is highly trained and proficient. Beginning with Planet Earth to Panorama, the use of drones for aerial filming is growing rapidly.
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